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EIZO Joins Hands with "The Captain" to Pay Tribute to Civil Aviation Heroes

Released by the Bona Film Group, and jointly produced by CAAC News (Civil Aviation Administration of China) and Sichuan Aviation Culture Media Advertising Co., Ltd., the film for The Captain (original title: The Chinese Pilot) was released nationwide across China on September 30, 2019. The film aims to remind the world about the heroic actions taken by the heroic crew on board, which saved all lives on board during a dangerous incident. Audiences can experience the shocking and touching moments through the film’s storytelling. The film, which was adapted from a real event, was directed by Andrew Lau (as Weiqiang Liu) and supervised by Peggy Lee (as Jinwen Li). It stars Hanyu Zhang, Hao Ou, Jiang Du, Quan Yuan, Tian’ai Zhang, Qin Li, Yamei Zhang, Qiru Yang, and Ge Gao.

Poster for The Captain

The film The Captain was based on the real event of the successful landing of Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 on May 14, 2018. During the flight, the cockpit windshield shattered while the aircraft was 10,000 meters in the air causing a sudden loss of pressure. In this situation of life and death, the crew’s deft handling of the incident ensured the safety of all passengers on board. It was a miracle in the history of civil aviation.


EIZO monitors were used on set to represent true air traffic control operations


As a leading manufacturer of visual technology, EIZO offers a dedicated range of products for the demanding air traffic control industry. EIZO's air traffic control solutions provide monitors, encoding & streaming solutions, as well as graphic boards for air traffic control towers and control centers to meet different application requirements. At the beginning of the filming process, the main investor and publisher of The Captain, the Bona Film Group, decided to use only EIZO products to provide a true representation of on-site air traffic control operations. Whether it is the eye-care conscious auxiliary model EV2450 or EIZO’s 28-inch primary control monitors (2K x 2K), which are developed exclusively for air traffic control, these products have distinctive features for ATC and a pleasing appearance.


The Bona Film Group was ranked No. 1 during the National Day holiday through its Operation Mekong, Project Gutenberg, and other movies, achieving top box office results and earning a strong reputation. The poster for The Captain shows a thrilling moment from the film, making audiences want to learn more about the story. In this regard, Mr. Yu Dong, President of the Bona Film Group, said:

"In order to shoot this film, the producers repeatedly interviewed the heroic crew members of Sichuan Airlines and learned a lot of the little-known details that occurred up at 10,000 meters. It can be said that the real situation was even more shocking and dangerous than what the public knew. So, we hope that through this movie, we can make everyone more aware of the difficulties that our heroic crew members experienced to ensure the safe landing of the aircraft and the safety of all passengers on board. This was a heroic feat by the best civil aviation elites in China. It is not just a result of a 'miracle'.”



The Captain Official Trailer


Case Studies
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