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Eye Tracking Leader Tobii Pro Choose EIZOs Monitors for
Behavioral Research Solution


A division of Tobii, the global leader in eye-tracking, Tobii Pro is the leading provider of research solutions and services designed to deepen understanding of human behavior. The Tobii group also consists of the business units Tobii Dynavox, a global leader in assistive technology for communication and Tobii Tech, the developer of Tobii’s world-leading eye-tracking technology for integration into volume products such as computers, computer games, virtual reality and cars. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Stockholm with offices across the world.

About Tobii Pro

The collaboration between Tobii and EIZO is centered around the business unit Tobii Pro. Tobii Pro’s eye-tracking solutions are used in behavioral research, tracking and collecting data on where people are looking. The data is then analyzed using software and provide unparalleled insights on human behavior based on gaze patterns. More than 2 000 academic research institutions across the globe, including the 50 highest ranked universities in the world, and 3,000 commercial companies, trust Tobii Pro. For example, the solutions are used by psychologists trying to detect the likelihood of autism and market researchers seeking to see the world through the eyes of customers.

The Tobii Pro Spectrum is a new advanced eye tracker, designed for extensive studies and used as a high-end research tool for both academia and commercial researchers.

The Monitor is Essential

Generally, researchers of a remote eye tracking system like this want to conduct studies with screen-based stimuli, e.g. image and video stimuli that are displayed on a screen for test participants. For Pro Spectrum, a fully integrated and high-quality monitor therefore is an essential part of the solution. 

For the development of the Pro Spectrum, the company needed a monitor that could meet the high quality demands to accompany its own eye tracking technology.

Performance and Long Lifetime in Focus

The key parameters Tobii Pro was looking for was a monitor that can accommodate the on-screen stimuli that lived up to their customers’ high demands on stimuli presentation. As a result, Tobii reached out to EIZO and its business unit focusing on industry applications.

“We knew EIZO since before as they are renowned for their high-quality monitors so we initiated a discussion with them,” said Ellen Tjälldin, Global Product Manager at Tobii Pro. “It became clear that the performance of their monitors, combined the ergonomic aspects, the design and long life time of its products was a perfect match for us.”


Thorough Testing and Integration

During 2016, Tobii Pro conducted a number of tests with different EIZO monitors to work out how to best integrate the monitor in the solution and to identify a monitor that best met their expectations. Following a thorough evaluation process, Tobii Pro choose to move on with EIZO FlexScan EV2451.

“We at Tobii Pro, and the world leading research institutions and researchers that use our solutions, have extremely high demands on the hardware products. Therefore, EIZO’s monitor is carefully selected to meet these standards,” said Ellen Tjälldin.

Specifically, Tobii Pro was impressed with the IPS panel of the FlexScan EV2451 that allows an extremely high-quality presentation of data, as well as the whole sleek design of the monitor, which is almost totally non-intrusive to the test person.

The low and stable response time of less than five milliseconds was also a key argument for choosing EIZO along with its stable frame rate. The monitor is suitable for studies where control of the timing of the stimuli presentation is essential.

Tobii Pro also acknowledged that key EIZO strengths, such as flicker-free viewing and a turn-key, seamless adapted solution were key parameters for its high demanding customers.


EIZO FlexScan EV2451 now Part of Tobii Pro Spectrum

“Following thorough testing and evaluation, we are very pleased with EIZO’s monitor both from a quality and functionality point of view. Through the process, EIZO have been very responsive and flexible in adapting their technology to fit our needs,” Ellen Tjälldin concludes.

In November 2016, the new Tobii Pro Spectrum was launched with EIZOs FlexScan EV2451 as the provided and preferred monitor.

Case Studies
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