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Case Studies

Urban Studio NYC

Ben Starr 
Color Technology Manager

What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try something new?

With the previous displays we were unable to get consistency between monitors and there were uniformity issues in individual monitors.

How easy or hard was it to get started with an EIZO product?

Very easy. Plug and play. Is this a trick question?

About how many EIZO users are there? How many EIZO monitors does your organization have?

25 users, 35 EIZO monitors.

How is it different than other alternatives you’ve tried?

Eizo monitors provide more consistent and stable color across a single display and from one monitor to the next. We’ve also been able to match the monitors closely to our printed output so we can better preview the final results on screen.

How has EIZO helped you achieve your business or personal goals?

Color accuracy across monitors and proofing is essential in the world of fashion and beauty. Our clients demand the highest level of fidelity possible, so anything that can bring our monitors, proofs and printed pieces closer together is going to be worth it.

How do you currently calibrate your monitors?

Monitors are calibrated on an approximately monthly basis, using ColorNavigator and an i1 Pro2, CX series monitors also run self adjust every 50 hours. The target we used is based on our proofing system we’ve fine-tuned the target so that images on screen are very close representations of what prints. We handle the calibrations internally, they are done by myself or another member of our color management team.

In what publications/website do you print or run your images?

Images that we work on run in domestic and international magazines, print and digital, such as Vogue, Harpers Bazzar, GQ, Rolling Stone, InStyle, Glamour, Mens Health, Elle, Details and Vanity Fair to name a few. Additionally our work can be seen on the websites of top Fashion and beauty brands.

EIZO monitors at Urban Studio NYC 1


EIZO monitors at Urban Studio NYC 2




Case Studies
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