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Innovative Products for High-Performance Companies - EIZO's EV2416W Impresses VPV Versicherungen

vpvVPV Versicherungen, or VPV for short, is a modern financial services company with more than 185 years of tradition and over 1,200 employees in Germany and overseas.

Be it pension plans, asset generation or coverage, VPV provides its customers with a wide range of insurance policies and other services that the company continuously enhances with innovative products. VPV relies on innovative products in terms of what it offers and in its choice of IT equipment.

In 2013, VPV needed to replace around 600 monitors. To this end, devices from a range of suppliers were extensively tested and the technical quality of each image display was compared. Both the occupational safety committee and a number of employees were presented with a direct comparison of all of the monitors.

Important factors that were taken into account during the selection process included a good price-performance ratio and the option to adjust the height and tilt of the monitor in an ergonomic manner. These factors were based on recommendations from trade associations.

EIZO was one of the suppliers in the running. Harald Fehlisch, Project Manager for IT projects at VPV explains why: “The EIZO monitors were either equal to or better than the other devices in every category we tested. The option to adjust the height down to the edge of the table was a particularly unique characteristic. We were also impressed by the 5 year on-site warranty, which the competition could not match.”

As a result, VPV opted for EIZO’s EV2416W model. The impressive, homogenous illumination, excellent adjustability, high stability, versatile connection options (DVI, DisplayPort and VGA) and innovative energy-saving features such as EcoView Sense (automatic user-recognition) were enough to convince the decision-makers at VPV.

Mr. Fehlisch

  Harald Fehlisch, Project Manager for IT projects at VPV

Most of the EV2416W devices at the VPV Service Centre are in operation as dual-screen solutions, meaning employees can view all of the relevant data and applications at a glance. In other departments, the 24-inch EIZO screen replaces the smaller 19 and 20-inch monitors that were previously in use.

FlexScan EV2416W

Case Studies
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