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Xpression International

Run by the Guardia family, Xpression International is one of the world's most prestigious photographic studios in the world. It has won numerous international awards, winning National Photography Awards in Spain, the United States, Australia, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom. They have also been chosen as the Photographer of the Year for Europe and America and globally acclaimed as the International Master Photographer of the Year.

Thanks to the distinctive and innovative style of their images, they have set new trends and revolutionized concepts in Wedding Photography. Their work has been exhibited on four continents, published by some of the industry's top magazines and featured in various specialist books on Social Photography.

World-famous celebrities request their services to create wedding albums, visiting locations as exotic as Cambodia, India and Hong-Kong and as iconic as the Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican, among others.

© José Luis Guardia Peinado

© José Luis Guardia Peinado

© José Luis Guardia Peinado

You can find out more about Xpression International and their work here:

José Luis Guardia Peinado, CEO of Xpression International, tells us why they chose EIZO ColorEdge monitors and their impressions from working with them.

Reasons for choosing an EIZO ColorEdge monitor and impressions after using it

We are extremely demanding with our work so we always try to achieve the best possible result. We aim to surprise our customers and, from the beginning of a photoshoot, we start imagining the end result of each image in our minds. This is very important to us, enabling us to work on the details in post production. Therefore, the monitor is a vitally important element of our workflow, it is our “eye”, when it comes to developing and touching up the image – the way to successfully develop our idea, to make it a truer reflection of how we originally imagined it.

Since the inception of Xpression International in 2009, our studio has been constantly evolving. Due to the level of perfection required by our techniques, we need to work with the best equipment.

EIZO ColorEdge CG318-4K has resolved the biggest problem that we had in our workflow, i.e. obtaining a perfect display of our images. It displays 99% of the Adobe RGB spectrum and this gives us a better display of tones and shades, resulting in exceptional color and giving us the certainty that we are getting a totally accurate view of what our printed photograph will look like. Its uniform brightness, its 4096 x 2160 pixels with a density of 149 ppi, and its size of 31.1”, make it a real pleasure to work with, because we can get an accurate view of the image, down to the smallest details. Bearing in mind that our workflow is designed for paper printing, thanks to this monitor we have obtained outstanding results, making our daily work easier and allowing us to achieve a significant improvement in quality and in the final result.
Also, I am personally much better at keeping my EIZO ColorEdge CG318-4K monitor calibrated, due to the integrated calibration system. Its ColorNavigator software is intuitive and user-friendly. This has resulted in significant time savings for us, therefore leading to a big improvement in our working methods.

Buying a monitor like the CG318-4K from the EIZO ColorEdge range is a good idea from a business perspective, because technologically this monitor is way ahead of its time. Combined with the added peace of mind of a five-year warranty, thus avoiding additional costs, this is an unbeatable long-term investment. The monitor is a vital component of a photographer's workflow and, unlike other systems that may become quickly obsolete, with EIZO ColorEdge we can be sure that our monitor will have a really long service life.

Case Studies
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