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EIZO Touch Panel Monitor and Stylus Compatibility

DuraVision_FDF2382WT-LBK_r_01_hand_pen.jpgWe have tested the compatibility between the below touch styluses and EIZO touch panel monitors.
Note: This information is provided based on our in-house testing and we do not guarantee the compatibility in respective user environments.





EIZO Touch Panel Monitors

RadiForce MS236WT-A, MS236WT
DuraVision FDS1782T
FDF2382WT, FDF2382WT-A

Stylus Pens

Manufacturer Type* Product
EIZO Passive TP5
Adonit Active Dash 2 / Dash 3
Dash 2

*A passive stylus acts like a finger when touching the screen. It is suitable for pointing but not
 recommended for delicate operation. An active stylus has circuitry built in so a screen responds
 to the static electricity that it generates. This makes more delicate touch operation possible.

Only a projected capacitive touch panel can be used with an active touch stylus.

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