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USB Type-C

Computer with 11th Gen Intel Core Processor and Monitor USB Type-C Compatibility

1. Display Limitations

We found display limitations when using some computers with 11th gen Intel Core processor.
Some limitations that the monitor refresh rate halves or the color bit depth decreases from 8-bit to 6-bit may occur.


Affected Computer Some notebook computers with 11th Gen Intel Core Processor*
* Processors code named "Tiger Lake" such as Core i5-1135G7
Affected Monitors USB Type-C monitors with high resolution (including other manufacturer's monitors)
Affected EIZO monitors: FlexScan EV3895, EV3285, EV2785, ColorEdge CS2740


2. Cause

The behavior of USB PD controller used on the above computers changes to give preference to the USB signal transmission over image signal transmission on a USB Type-C connection. This causes the signal transmission to be insufficient.


[Outline of USB Type-C signal transmission]
There are four high-speed lanes for USB 3.1 signal or DisplayPort signal transmission.

Outline of USB Type-C signal transmission


[Example Using FlexScan EV2785]
The monitor changes the assignment of high-speed lanes for USB-C in the Administrator Settings menu.


(1) 4K UHD 60Hz / USB2.0 Setting
The monitor assigns four high-speed lanes for DisplayPort signal transmission to achieve 4K/60Hz display.

4K UHD 60Hz / USB2.0 Setting


(2) 4K UHD 30Hz / USB3.1 Setting
The monitor assigns two high-speed lanes for USB 3.1 signal transmission and two high-speed lanes for DisplayPort signal transmission.
The monitor refresh rate halves, as the number of lanes for DisplayPort halves.

4K UHD 30Hz / USB3.1 Setting

When connected to the Tiger Lake computer, even when the monitor is set according to (1), the computer assigns the signal as described in (2), causing insufficient transmission.


3. Measures

3.1 Monitor firmware update
We update the monitor firmware so the above Tiger Lake computers will give preference to image signal transmission over USB signal transmission.

Note) You don't need to update it if you don't experience this issue.
Note) There is no negative impact for (2) 4K UHD 30Hz / USB3.1 setting with this firmware update.


Monitors Updated firmware version Update tool
Windows Mac
FlexScan EV3895 1000x-10101-1000x
(Middle five-digit is "10101")
EV3285 1000x-10100-1000x
(Middle five-digit is "10100")
Download Download
EV2785 Download Download
ColorEdge CS2740 1000x-10111-1000x
(Middle five-digit is "10111")
Download Download


3.2 Workaround
When there are no firmware update for the computer or monitor, please use a USB Type-C to DisplayPort conversion cable instead of a USB Type-C cable to connect the computer and the monitor.
In such a case, we recommend EIZO's USB Type-C to DisplayPort conversion cable CP200.

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