Jumping Mouse Pointer When Connecting to the Mini DisplayPort of Certain Macintosh PCs

Applicable Monitors: FlexScan SX2462W, SX2262W, ColorEdge CG245W, CG243W, CG223W

Applicable Serial Numbers

Monitors Serial Numbers
FlexScan SX2462W – 46298080
FlexScan SX2262W – 27256100
ColorEdge CG245W – 21734080
ColorEdge CG243W – 47094080
ColorEdge CG223W – 25363070

Where to Find the Number

The serial number is on the name plate on the back of the monitor as shown below. Check the number following "S/N".

Serial Number

1. Description

When connecting the DisplayPort of certain EIZO monitors with the mini DisplayPort of certain Macintosh PCs, the mouse pointer may jump.

2. Counter-Measure

We are providing a software update for the monitor firmware that will improve this situation. Please read the user's manual included in the download file before installing the software.

Download Update Software (user's manual included)

3. Notes on Installation

Applying the software will require a Windows PC. Please be sure to conform to the following notes or your monitor may have troubles.

  • It is recommended that you install this software only if your monitor has a relevant serial number. If it does not, a failed installation may damage your monitor.
  • Do not plug in any device to the USB downstream port of the monitor. The device may break.
  • Quit all applications before updating the software and do not run any applications while it is being installed.
  • Set the PC so that it will not go into standby, sleep, or suspend mode.
  • Set the PC so that the screen-saver will not run.
  • Do not turn off the monitor and the PC during the installation. It may damage the monitor.
  • If you use a laptop PC to install the software, be sure to use the AC adaptor.
  • Do not unplug the USB cables during the installation. It may damage the monitor.
  • Do not operate the monitor when the software is being installed.