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BOXX APEXX5 8901 Compatibility with EIZO Monitors

Note: This information is provided based on our in-house testing and we do not guarantee the compatibility in respective user environments.

Applicable monitors: FlexScan EV3237, ColorEdge CG318-4K, and Color Edge CG248-4K


Items of validation:

  • Displays BIOS image correctly
  • Displays the image with the recognized resolution correctly
  • Plug & Play works correctly
  • Displays color correctly without noise or blinking
  • "Standby", "Sleep", and "Shut down" functions work correctly
  • Bundled software works correctly
  • Supported software works correctly
  • USB hub works correctly
  • ColorNavigator 6/NX can calibrate with calibration sensor connected to monitor's USB hub (ColorEdge only)


PC BOXX APEXX 5 8901 1
BIOS 1.0a
OS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
Graphics Board Slot1
(PCI-Express x 16)
NVIDIA Quadro M6000
Driver Ver. 352.86
FlexScan EV3237 2 Yes
Edge CG318-4K 2 Yes 3
Edge CG248-4K2 Yes 3


1 Detailed specifications of workstation
  - Intel Xeon E5-2687W v3 3.1GHz, Memory 64GB
2 Connection interface
  - Using DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable (supplied accessory, PP200-BK)      
3 Since our graphics software doesn't support the DPI scaling on Windows OS, the screen cannot be scaled.

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