Microsoft Windows 11 and EIZO Software Compatibility

This is the latest compatibility information between EIZO Software and Windows 11.

Product Software Software Version Evaluation Result Notice
All monitors Firmware Update Tool Supported with new firmware releases. Yes  
FlexScan Screen InStyle 1.1.10 Yes  
Screen InStyle Server 1.1.10 Yes  
ColorEdge ColorNavigator 7 7.1.6 Yes *1
ColorNavigator Network 1.1.7 Yes  
ColorNavigator NetAgent 1.1.8 Yes  
Quick Color Match 2.2.3 Yes *1
ColorNavigator 6   Not planned  

*1 Please check whether the retouching software is supported by Windows 11.
    Due to a bug in the OS, it may not be possible to get the ICC profile information even though the ICC profile has been correctly applied to the OS.
    There is no solution within the software settings. Please Install Microsoft Windows Update KB5008353 or KB5010386.