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EIZO Software Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 8

This information is based on our in-house testing and we do not guarantee the compatibility in respective user environments. We do not take any responsibility for any trouble and damage that could occur from the installations.



The software listed below does not support Windows RT (Windows 8 for ARM devices).


Products Application name Compatibility Support plan

All Monitors

Information Files (INF files) Yes New models are applicable
Color Profiles (ICC Profiles) Yes -
Screen Adjustment Programs No No
Screen Adjustment Pattern Files Yes -
ScreenSlicer Yes Supported from version 1.1.2
Firmware Update Tool Yes New models are applicable
ScreenManager Pro for LCD (USB) Yes Supported from version 3.3.2
ScreenManager Pro for LCD (DDC/CI) Yes Supported from version 2.3.2
EIZO EcoView NET No May 2013
ColorNavigator Yes Supported from version 6.4.0
ColorNavigator Ver.5 No No
ColorNavigator CE No No
EIZO EasyPIX Yes Supported from version 2.3.0
UniColor Pro Yes Supported from version 1.5.0
Touch Monitors
MT7 (3M Touch Driver) No No
TouchWare (3M Touch Driver) No No
TSC/DD (DMC Touch Driver) No No
GenTouch Software
(GeneralTouch Touch Driver)
No No
NextWindow Touch Driver No No
NetDA Manager No TBD


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