Color Management for 3DCG

Calibration with ColorNavigator NX

In production settings, a monitor display needs to be calibrated according to a set standard. Furthermore, due to the changes that occur to monitors over time, it is necessary to measure the amount of change, approximately once a month, and correct it. Calibration software and a sensor (color measurement device) are used to perform this measurement. Let’s check the steps to calibrate using ColorNavigator NX and a built-in sensor or external color measurement device. For external measurement devices, X-Rite i1 Pro series or ColorMunki, etc. are recommended.

Step 1

After connecting your EIZO ColorEdge monitor to the computer, launch the ColorNavigator NX calibration software. Select Color Mode and set the type to Calibration. If there is no default profile Color Mode for reference, choose CAL. Click Edit in the lower right.1_CAL_edit.jpg

Step 2

Click Preset targets in the top left and select the standard that you want to target. Customize other settings as required and click OK.


Step 3

Return to the main window and click Adjust.


Step 4

Connect the color measuring device and follow the instructions on the screen to perform the calibration.


Step 5

After the calibration, a color profile will be created and the adjustment results saved to the monitor. The monitor profile you create will automatically be set by the OS.


Step 6

After adjustment, you can select the new color mode via the monitor's OSD menu. Furthermore, when the color mode is switched the profile of the OS is also automatically switched.


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