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Mile Studios - Delivering World-Class Projects to their Upmost Potential with ColorEdge

Mile Studios is a full-service creative company based out of Dubai. Their team of award-winning talent have relied on EIZO monitors to provide a wide spectrum of creative projects to renowned companies in the United Arab Emirates ever since their foundation. Mile Studios recently added the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 to their color grading studio to further improve their workflow and their confidence in the color accuracy of their content. We asked Mile Studios about their impressions of the monitor in this interview.

What lead to the decision to choose the CG3146?

At Mile we pride ourselves in delivering world-class projects which perform stunningly with media from any market at any level. Our ability to provide this service hinges on our team utilizing all the tools at our disposal and optimizing quality levels of each and every shot provided to Mile. Applying this methodology to color grading, there is a broad spectrum of variables that affect how a particular image can be read, processed, and displayed. Combining this spectrum of choice with the multitude of handheld devices, laptops, in-store screens, public outdoor screens, and cinema screens, means that the ultimate end-user may see images with great variation in how the final product is perceived. To achieve the highest possible quality for the specific medium we need to control this perception precisely and manipulate the image with confidence.


At Mile we are celebrating 10 years of excellence and have utilized EIZO’s monitor range from the very beginning – over the years this has expanded to almost every critical monitoring solution EIZO provides. With the addition of the EIZO PROMINENCE CG3146, it elevates and enables us to streamline our workflows and gain confidence in the image being presented to both our team and clientele using the best technology has to offer.


What features do you benefit from the most?

Firstly, the setup and configuration are straightforward, allowing for specific parameters to be controlled and targeted with scheduled calibration runs; this provides confidence that our tool is working to our requirements so that little to no troubleshooting time is spent detracting from the creative inputs. Secondly, the image – it is presented beautifully with excellent gamut coverage so that the quality is only limited by the input sources that are fed to it. Third, and perhaps most importantly, is the creativity brought to the table by trusting our tool and seeing the possibilities that lie therein. Color grading by itself can make or break projects since it spans the continuum from the progression of the color palettes used, to the evolution of color to emphasize the story as it progresses.


Shaping the eye’s gaze through your framings support the story, and ultimately captures the engagement and entertainment value for your viewers. We are dedicated to ensuring our tools allow our team to expand their works and elevate our projects. We are embracing the evolution of technology with excitement, whilst ensuring that standards are met, controlled, and delivered with longevity in mind. To this end the EIZO PROMINENCE CG3146 delivers and has plenty more to give as HDR becomes the universal standard for the best worldwide media projects produced.



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