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EIZO Video Wall Plugin for Milestone XProtect

EIZO Video Wall Plugin is a plugin for managing IP decoding monitors and boxes (hereinafter referred to as IP monitors) through Milestone XProtect VMS.
The plugin provides full integration with the VMS, enabling you to:

  • Centrally manage IP monitors on the network from VMS.
  • Build a video wall with multiple IP monitors and display camera streams on the monitors.
XProtect needs to be obtained from Milestone Systems.
EIZO Video Wall Plugin is free, but each IP monitor requires a paid enterprise license.

System Requirement

Products Requirements
Milestone XProtect
  • XProtect Edition: Corporate, Express+
  • XProtect Version: 2020 R1
  • ONVIF Bridge Version: 2020 R1
IP Monitor
  • Supported Products: DX0211-IP, FDF2711W-IP
  • Software: 5.2001 or later
  • Enterprise license is required.
FDF2304W-IP and FDF4627W-IP are not supported.

For XProtect, please contact Milestone Systems.
For EIZO Video Wall Plugin and enterprise license, please contact EIZO.

Applicable products OSes Version Size Download
DX0211-IP, FDF2711W-IP Windows 10 (64-bit) 1.0 3.28 MB Download


0 results found for "EIZO Video Wall Plugin for Milestone XProtect".