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EIZO Video Wall Plugin for Milestone XProtect

EIZO Video Wall Plugin is a plugin for Milestone XProtect VMS to manage EIZO IP decoders. It allows centralized management of multiple decoders on the network and configuration of video walls.

- Please check the compatibility information for supported XProtect VMSs.
- An enterprise license is required for each decoder.
- FDF2304W-IP and FDF4627W-IP are not supported.

For XProtect, please contact Milestone Systems.
For the plugin and enterprise license, please contact EIZO.

Applicable products OSes Version Size Download
DX0211-IP, DX0212-IP, FDF2312W-IP, FDF2711W-IP, FDF2712W-IP 1.1.0 3.31 MB Download


0 results found for "Milestone".

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