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The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) Chooses EIZO for Sustainability and Long-Term ROI

The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) has come a long way since being founded by a small group of motoring pioneers in 1903. Today, more than 750,000 members across South Australia choose RAA to deliver them peace of mind, through a trusted range of motor, home and travel products and services.


Members are at the heart of everything RAA does, so it’s always looking for new ways to better their lives and make it easy to focus on what really matters. This level of commitment requires RAA to be ahead of the curve when it comes to their team, resources, and the tools that enable them to do great work. In keeping with the organization’s commitment to provide the best service to their members, the management team continually reviews all office equipment. The latest review coincided with RAA’s monitor refresh cycle, prompting an investigation into the best available options.

Michael Staats, Manager - Technology Support said, “Having worked with EIZO Europe, I reached out to the EIZO team in Oceania to explore our options. In accordance with our decision to move towards optimal resource allocation, we decided to install 800+ EIZO FlexScan monitors.”

A Range of Monitors for Specific Requirements

The 24-inch EV2460 was installed as the organization standard for all employees at RAA, including remote workers. The aesthetic design of the monitors and compact size makes for a seamless addition to the state-of-the-art workspace, be it in office or home. The FlexScan EV2785 series was deployed for employees who were in charge of monitoring and traffic. The 32-inch monitors, with their extra screen space were ideal for the Design & Production team who needed to see a lot of detail on their screens while also working across multiple projects without having to swap between windows.

Sustainability is “Business as Usual”

Sustainability is important to the RAA and meticulously managed by a series of policies and procedures.

“The main reason I proposed EIZO was the fact that they made the internal sustainability list of Triodos Bank. There are very strict guidelines a company needs to uphold if they get on that list. Factors such as zero tolerance for child labor, conflict-free material and carbon-neutral production process are at the top of the list. EIZO ticked off each of those boxes.”

Sustainability is

Value-Driven Culture

Since its inception, providing member value has been at the core of RAA’s existence.

“To continue providing value, we need to ensure, as an organization, all our decisions generate considerable return on investment (ROI). EIZO monitors are known for their longevity and industry-redefining warranty, which made them an obvious choice. I can confidently say our decision to deploy EIZO FlexScan monitors is in line with our policies on long-term ROI as they tick every box for that ideal mix of price, image quality, energy efficiency, ergonomics and ease of use”.

EIZO FlexScan Ticks All the Boxes

check  Long-Term Return on Investment

“As I mentioned before, long-term ROI guides our decision making at RAA. EIZO’s five-year warranty really helps our case. Most monitors don’t offer anything even remotely close. With our previous monitors, warranties would expire after a year or two. This meant we had to have monitors in stock for maintenance purposes, meaning increased overheads. With EIZO, our decision was based not just on the initial investment, but also costs attributable to power consumption and repairs.”

check  Image Quality

Given the wide spectrum of users within RAA, the unifying expectation is to see details with clarity. The FlexScan monitors have several options that allow users to adjust brightness, blue-light reduction, and more.

“The FlexScan monitors are stable and easy to look at. There is no blurring, fluctuation or flicker. And changing the settings to suit our preferences is a cinch.”

check  Energy Efficiency

When it comes to managing running overheads, an often-overlooked aspect is the energy consumption of computer monitors. EIZO FlexScan’s impeccable energy saving credentials have proven, across the world, to contribute towards considerable overhead reduction.

check  Ergonomic Design

“One of the features we love is their height adjustment range. Not only can they be lifted quite high, they can also be pushed down almost to the top of the desk. It helps our employees who are working with dual screens as they can adjust the monitors to the same height with ease. Also, the monitor frame is really thin, so not only is it space saving, but there is also barely any space between two screens making it easy to navigate across both with ease.”

Office Back


Office Back

Easy connectivity helps with desk sharing and workstation utilization across RAA’s departments.

check  Enables Focused Work for Long Hours

Commenting on feedback from his colleagues, Michael confirms, “They love the EIZOs. Some even mentioned feeling less tired at the end of their day. And that was before we even told them about the eye-fatigue features!”

FlexScan’s flicker-free screens and ability to automatically adjust the brightness based on surroundings (i.e. Auto EcoView) have enabled employees to concentrate for longer hours without eyestrain or fatigue, thus setting the stage for improved productivity.

Sales Support that Enabled Strategic Rollout for Minimizing Disruptions

Infrastructure upgrades tend to create bottlenecks, resulting in disruption of day-to-day operations.

“We were in close contact with the EIZO team about delivery dates and we planned the first rollout in the two weeks after that. We used our own staff for this. We recently had a fresh batch of about 140 monitors come in and one of our partners will handle installation as we are refreshing the full desk setup for a particular area. Our relationship with EIZO, and their proactiveness ensured we were always in the loop on any potential delays due to COVID or port strikes.”

Michael summarizes his experience with EIZO saying, “We are extremely satisfied with our FlexScan monitors and the overall handling of the installation, making the EIZO team an optimal business partner.”

Deployed Products

FlexScan EV2460

FlexScan EV2785

FlexScan EV3285



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