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EIZO to Showcase Its ATC Visual System and Smart Monitor Technologies at Airspace World 2024

Airspace World is the largest airspace and near-space management event in the world. For three days, visitors can experience a live demonstration of EIZO's integrated ATC Visual System and innovation smart monitor technologies.

EIZO develops end-to-end visual solutions that are designed to be interoperable from the outset, and is redefining the role of ATC monitors using integrated, intelligent technologies.


Airspace World 2024

Date: March 19 - 21, 2024
Venue: Palexpo Exhibition Centre, Geneva, Switzerland
Booth K40

ATC Visual System

It is not uncommon for an ANSP to receive an integrated solution made up of multiple vendors' products, which can result critical errors with compatibility and other issues that could risk program delays. EIZO's end-to-end ATC Visual System encompasses monitors, video encoders, dedicated graphics boards, and an upgradeable recording solution, all of which are designed and tested for interoperability from the outset.

Visitors to our booth can experience a live demonstration of the ATC Visual System.
Display, Capture, Manage


Make the Switch to a Smarter Monitor

Experience a hands-on demonstration of EIZO's unique SwitchLink technology. SwitchLink enables seamless switching of keyboard, mouse, and dynamic touch input without the need for an external KVM switch. Up to six workstations can be connected and operated by a single keyboard and mouse. EIZO's monitors are the first in the world to feature integrated dynamic touch switching.


Other Smart Technologies

Intelligent Display Platform (IDP)

EIZO's Intelligent Display Platform (IDP) enables simultaneous display of video signals from up to four independent sources. Users have complete freedom to place each window anywhere on the screen.

Intelligent Display Platform (IDP)


At-the-Glass Image Capture Built-In

EIZO is the first manufacture to develop a monitor with truly built-in image capture at the glass. All displayed image content, including the monitor's OSD menu, is accurately output using the monitor's REC OUT connection. 

At-the-Glass Image Capture Built-In

Last Frame Display

EIZO's unique Last Frame Display function automatically displays the last available frame displayed prior to any signal disruption accompanied by a text overlay of the status.


Smart Monitor Lineup

Primary Control Monitor
Raptor RP5525
Primary Control Monitor
Raptor RP4325
Tower Monitor
Raptor RP3225
Primary Control Monitor
Raptor SQ2826

Smart features vary by model.

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