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Which chemicals are safe for disinfecting and cleaning monitors and accessories?



The following chemicals may be used for disinfecting and cleaning of EIZO monitors and accessories.
Please read the precautions carefully before using chemical or cleaning solution.
  • Do not use chemicals on a frequent basis. Chemicals such as alcohol and antiseptic solution may cause gloss variation, tarnishing, and fading of the cabinet or panel, and also quality deterioration of the image.
  • Never use any thinner, benzene, wax, and abrasive cleaner, which may damage the cabinet or panel.
  • Gently wipe off any dirt on the cabinet or panel surface with a soft cloth with a small amount of cleaner applied. Do not let chemicals come into direct contact with the monitor. 
  • Please read the product's Instructions for Use for details.
Brand Model
CuratOR EX Series EX3241, EX3140, EX3220, EX2721, EX2621, EX2620, EX3141-3D, EX3220-3D, EX2620-3D
RadiForce Series RX1270, RX850, RX660, RX560, RX440, RX360, RX350, RX250, GX560, GX340, GX240, MX315W, MX242W, MX216, MX215, MX194, MX191, MS236WT, RadiLight
Other EIZO Products EIZO products other than CuratOR EX and RadiForce (e.g., FlexScan, ColorEdge, etc.)


Tested Chemicals and Cleaning solution
We have tested the following chemicals and cleaner with our products.
Please ensure chemicals are diluted in accordance with safe household usage (e.g. for cleaning tabletops, furniture, objects, etc.) before applying.
Chemical Type Product Name CuratOR EX Series RadiForce Series Other EIZO Products
Screen Cleaner (NOT disinfectant) EIZO ScreenCleaner Yes Yes Yes
Ethanol (alcohol) for disinfection Ethanol Yes Yes *1 N/A
Isopropyl alcohol Isopropyl alcohol Yes Yes *1 *6
Benzalkonium chloride Welpas Yes Yes *2 N/A
Glutaral Sterihyde Yes Yes *3 N/A
Chlorhexidine Hibitane No *4 Yes *2 N/A
Alkyldiaminoethylglycine Tego 51 No *4 Yes *3 N/A
Sodium hypochlorite Purelox No No *5 N/A
Ammonia Ammonia water Yes N/A N/A
Hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide solution Yes N/A N/A
Alkyldiaminoethylglycine hydrochloride Satenidin solution Yes N/A N/A
Benzethonium chloride Bezeton solution Yes N/A N/A
*1: Cannot be used on RadiLight
*2: Cannot be used on RX1270
*3: Cannot be used on GX340 or GX240
*4: Can be used on EX2721 only
*5: Can be used on RX850, RX440, RX250, MX242W, MX216, MX215, MX194, MS236WT and RadiLight only



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