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FAQs and Compatibility

Product Compatibility


Quality Control Software & Tools QC Software & Calibration Sensor
RadiCS UX2
RadiCS UX1


For RadiForce 5 Monitor Access License
10 Monitor Access License



RadiForce general (14.4 MB)


Important Notices

DICOM Conformance Statement [PDF]


Date Subject
January 23, 2019 A USB signal transmission error may occur between some PCs and EIZO monitors when using EIZO software.


Product Lifecycle Policy

A “Product Lifecycle Policy” has been defined for RadiCS and RadiNET Pro to ensure that customers can always use the product optimally and with confidence. Customers using RadiCS and RadiNET Pro should review this policy to check which phase of the product lifecycle their version is in. Please consider version up* if customers are using a version that has been after "End of Support".
*Since the current version of RadiNET Pro Version 5 is not compatible with RadiCS Version 4 and eralier, it is necessary to use the same version of RadiCS and RadiNET Pro. Version updates are charged.


In RadiCS and RadiNET Pro, the first digit (X) of the version X.Y.Y.Y is the major version and the rest (Y.Y.Y) is the minor version. This policy defines the lifecycle of the major release of the product. We recommend updating immediately to maintain an optimal status for minor updates (e.g. from Version 5.0.12 to Version 5.1.0).

Support Lifecycle

In order to allow customers to perform planned updates, Limited Support* is provided for a certain period of time after the end of sales of the software product.

 *The duration of Limited Support may vary depending on the version.
We define the following three phases of support.

"Mainstream" phase

Add support for new RadiForce monitors and new features, and addressing significant defects and vulnerabilities identified during this phase.

"Limited Support" phase

This phase begins with the end of sales, and ends with the end of support. We will not add support for new RadiForce monitors and we will not add new features, but we will address significant defects and vulnerabilities identified during this phase. This phase is prepared for customers to make a major update before the end of support. We will announce the date of "End of Support".

"End of Support" phase

This phase is after the "End of Support" date. We will not address significant defects and vulnerabilities identified after the "End of Support" date. Customers using the software with this phase should update immediately.

Warranty Period

Support period for each version

Major Version Release End of Sales End of Support Current phase
Version 3 September 2007 August 2010 August 2017 End of Support
Version 4 August 2011 December 2019 March 2026 Limited Support
Version 5 November 2018 Announced at least
one year before the
end date of the sale.
A period of time
between the "End of
Sales" date and the
"End of Support" date.


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