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IP Solution System Software Functions: Ver. 6.2 Added Features

This page details the functions available with the latest system software for IP decoding solutions.

・Latest software Version 6.2
・Products supporting Ver. 6.1 / Ver. 6.2: DX0212-IPFDF2712W-IPFDF2312W-IP

Added Features (Streaming Gateway)
Ver. 6.1
Added Features (Other)
Ver. 6.2
Added Features

Release Date: April, 2024

Hide Not Registered Status on the Live Screen

Users can choose to hide the "Not Registered" status message that appears on the live screen when a camera is not registered or connected. This setting is on by default.

Hide Not Registered Status on the Live Screen

Hide Not Registered Status on the Live Screen



Improved Error Recovery Time

In the event of a communication problem with the camera, the time between when the video stops and when the error message appears has been reduced from approximately 30 seconds to approximately 10 seconds.



Improved Compatibility

The following compatibility issues found in Ver. 6.0 and 6.1 have been resolved.

  • The issue with being unable to register ACTi's analog encoder, or even if it is registered, the image does not display correctly can be addressed as follows:
        > Register the encoder using the ONVIF protocol. The communication method RTP over RTSP is not available.
        > Disable RTP B2 Frame on the camera's settings.
  • The issue of H.264 images from JVC cameras not displaying correctly has been resolved
  • The issue of AXIS's video encoder failing to read stream profiles has been resolved. 



Support for RTSP over HTTP and RTSP over HTTPS when Selecting DirectURI

The IP decoder can receive a stream via HTTP or HTTPS. If RTSP is blocked by a firewall or router, the IP decoder may still be able to communicate with the camera.

To use RTSP over HTTP, enter 80 for the Port and input the RTSP stream URI under URI (starting with rtsp://) under Camera Information Settings.

To use RTSP over HTTPS, enter 443 for the Port. This enables you to encrypt communication with cameras.

Camera Information Settings



Added RTP Protocol Support to Streaming Gateway

Requires Enterprise License. Learn more
The DX0212-IP's Streaming Gateway now supports RTP protocols. When RTP is selected, the DX0212-IP transmitter will continue to distribute the stream to the specified port on the receiver according to the IP address. The receiver can receive the stream by setting the RTP stream URI, including the port number, even if it does not have the function to request stream distribution.

For Merge Mode

For Merge Mode


For Relay Mode

For Relay Mode



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