Monitor Control Utility

EIZO’s new Screen InStyle software is designed to help manage multi-monitor setups, but it can also be used for a single monitor. It is full of useful features and settings to help you get the most out of your monitor.

Multi-Monitor Power Management

Using multi-monitor power management, you can control the power of all connected monitors just by controlling one of the monitors. You can turn the power of all connected monitors off just by pressing the power button on the front of any monitor*. Additionally all connected monitors can be turned off by double clicking the "power off" shortcut that is installed on the desktop of your OS, and turned back on with mouse or keyboard operation. If your monitor has an EcoView Sense presence sensor, all connected monitors will turn off when no presence is detected - and then turn back on upon your return.

*Monitors must be compatible with Screen InStyle and be connected via USB to a PC that has Screen InStyle installed.


Synchronize Screen Adjustments

Screen InStyle will apply any color adjustments you make to one monitor to the others on your desktop for consistent color across all screens. In addition, any changes detected by the brightness sensor of one monitor you assign will be applied uniformly to your other monitors so that brightness is synchronized.


Auto Color Mode

With Auto Color Mode you can assign any of the monitor's preset modes (e.g. RGB, Paper Mode, etc.) to a particular application. When you activate that application your screen automatically switches to its assigned mode. For example, you can assign a word processing program to adjust to Paper Mode when it is launched, in order to cut blue light.


Windows Guide

Screen InStyle automatically connects to Windows Control Panel, so that any settings changed in the program will automatically be changed through the Control Panel. Furthermore, these setting changes can be set to all monitors in a multi-monitor setup.

Less Blue Light

Screen InStyle’s circadian dimming feature reduces your blue light exposure and the effect it might have on your ability to sleep by lowering the monitor’s color temperature as the day progresses – i.e. reducing the amount of blue light as the day goes by – helping to regulate your natural body clock.

Circadian Dimming

Administrator Control

Screen InStyle Server is a server application that lets a systems administrator control all monitors connected to a PC with Screen InStyle installed. This ensures optimal power saving settings in an office, trading room, classroom, or other location and helps with asset management of the monitors.

Learn more about Screen InStyle Server here.

Operating Requirements

Screen InStyle

Compatible Monitors EV3285, EV3237, EV2785, EV2780, EV2750, EV2457, EV2456, EV2455, EV2451, EV2450
Supported OS Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
PC Requirements
  • PC meets OS requirements
  • USB port

Download Screen InStyle

The latest version of the software is availabe for download.


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