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UX2 Sensor
Calibration Sensor
The UX2 Sensor is an external calibration sensor for medical monitor use. It measures many monitor characteristics such as brightness and gradations, and corrects any changes.
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Long Term Stability and Performance

Typical sensors are easily influenced by environmental changes in humidity, causing a drop in performance. To combat this, the UX2 Sensor was designed using the same technology as our built-in LCD monitor calibrators. Compared to the previous model, the UX2 Sensor is more resistant to humidity and impact, and carries out stable measurements and performance for long-term reliability.

Long Term Stability and Performance

Easy to Use

The UX2 Sensor is equipped with an LED indicator to indicate when the sensor is successfully connected to the monitor. Furthermore it has a protective cap that prevents the calibrator from becoming dirty when not in use, ensuring continued quality performance.

LED indicator

LED Indicator

Protective cap

Protective Cap


Lightweight and Simple Design

The UX2 Sensor has a black and white design to match our range of RadiForce medical monitors. Its EIZO original design displays a white ring around the side for a simple and lightweight design.

Lightweight and Simple Design

Compliance with Quality Control Standards

When used in combination with our medical monitor quality control software RadiCS, the UX2 Sensor complies with quality control standards of various countries such as JESRA, AAPM and DIN; ensuring uniform brightness and gradation according to these standards.


Compliance with DICOM Part 14

When used in combination with our medical monitor control quality software RadiCS, the UX2 Sensor is able to calibrate with high precision according to DICOM Part 14 standards, correcting for changes in monitor characteristics caused by aging.

Compliance with DICOM Part 14


Simple Connection

The UX2 Sensor can be easily connected by plugging it into the monitor via USB, and then connecting the monitor to the PC via USB.

Simple Connection


Compatible models


Color Monitors 12MP
RX850, RX840-MG, RX840, MX317W, MX315W
RX660, RX650
RX440, RX430, MX300W
RX370, RX360, RX350, RX340, RX320
MX243W, MX242W, MX241W, MX240W, MX220W
RX270, RX250, RX240, RX220, RX211, MX217, MX216, MX215, MX210
RS110, MX194, MX191
Monochrome Monitors 5MP
GX560, GX550, GX540, GX530, GS521-ST, GS521, GS520, GS510
GX340, GX320, GS320, GS310
GX240, GX220, GS220
Quality Control Software & Tools QC Software & Calibration Sensor
RadiCS UX2
  • UX1 Sensor is recommended for RadiForce MX300W, MX240W, MX220W and MX210.
Interface USB
Dimensions Φ70.0 x H 44.0 mm
Weight 100 g
Package Contents Storage case, adsorptive sheet for the replacement, cleaning cloth, UX2 Instruction for Use



UX2 Sensor User's manual English 784 KB PDF
UX2 Sensor User's manual Russian 553 KB PDF


Date Subject
February 1, 2022 HP Z2 SFF G5, Z2 Tower G5, Z2 G8 Tower Workstation and FlexScan, RadiForce Compatibility
June 24, 2021 Dell Precision 5820 Tower and RadiForce Compatibility
January 23, 2019 A USB signal transmission error may occur between some PCs and EIZO monitors when using EIZO software.
Quality Control Software & Tools
RadiCS UX2

- Quality Control Software
- UX2 Calibration Sensor bundled


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