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October 05
Case Study: Siegen District Hospital is Modernizing 5 Operating Rooms with 4K Technology and Video Management Over IP from EIZO
October 05
Case Study: Hauck & Aufhäuser - EIZO Monitors as an Integral Part of Both Bank and Home Office Setups
October 05
Case Study: KDDI - EIZO's IP Decoding Box and 486 FlexScan Monitors Installed at New Network Service Operations Center
September 30
Integrated Report 2021
September 30
Consolidated Financial Statements 20F (PDF)
September 28
EIZO Releases Large Monitor Manager with Triple 4K Output for Increased Flexibility and Efficiency in the Operating Room
September 21
Case Study: Christin Necker - Visual Storytelling through the Power of Drone Photography
September 16
Case Study: EIZO Monitors Help Tianfu International Airport Command a Strong "Brain" of Operations
September 16
Case Study: Little Shao - Capturing the Beauty of the Action in Breakdance
September 16
Case Study: Rocco Ancora - Creating Everlasting Memories with the Perfect Prints
September 09
Case Study: Nuremberg's Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Uses EIZO IP Decoding Monitors for Wastewater Screening
September 07
Case Study: Mile Studios - Delivering Project Visions to Their Upmost Potential with ColorEdge
September 07
EIZO Library: Streamlining Event Response - Alert-to-Action Security Solution for Railway Transit
September 06
Notice of Selection and Application for "Prime Market" under the TSE New Market Segments (PDF)
September 02
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Portrait Photographer Lenka Hatašová
September 02
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Wedding and Portrait Photographer Nagayuki Kojima
September 02
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Landscape, Travel, and Adventure Photographer Juan Pablo de Miguel
September 02
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Colorist Diego Yhama
August 31
EIZO Expands Lineup of USB Type-C Monitors with WUXGA Resolution Model for the Workplace or Home Office
August 05
EIZO SwitchLink: Pioneering the Way to Smarter Monitors for Streamlined ATC Visual Systems
August 03
EIZO Donates to Support European Flood Relief Efforts (PDF)
July 30
Consolidated Financial Highlights 21F First Quarter (PDF)
July 29
EIZO Introduces Real-Time Image Optimization Systems for Security & Surveillance, Infrastructure Maintenance, and Image Analysis
July 27
EIZO Library: The Winners of the Academy Sci-Tech Award - ColorEdge CG Series Developer Interview
July 15
Case Study: Remote Film Production - The Making of Rurouni Kenshin: The Final/The Beginning
July 06
Case Study: MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe Uses EIZO RadiForce RX1270 for Digital Mammography Screening
July 01
Case Study: University Hospital Magdeburg Optimizes its Intervention Workflows with an EIZO Solution
June 24
Case Study: Christian Ammann - An Enchanting Shoot Inspired by Ballet and Fashion Design
June 17
Case Study: Qingdao ATM Station - Over 400 Monitors for Management of East China's Airspace
June 10
EIZO Joins SRT Alliance as One of the Early Adopters of the SRT Protocol for Security & Surveillance
June 08
Case Study: Marzotto - Innovative Leader of Digitization in the Textile Industry
June 03
Online Event: EIZO to Present DuraVision IP Decoding Solutions at Axis Inspire 2021
June 01
EIZO Releases Eco-Friendly 3 Megapixel Monitor Optimized for Performance and Accuracy in Hybrid Medical Image Viewing
May 27
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Visual Effects Artist Jacob Maymudes
May 27
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Fashion Photographer Sarah Silver
May 27
New ColorEdge Ambassador: 3D Digital Artist David Brodeur
May 27
Case Study: Tim Flach - Connection to the Animal Kingdom
May 25
7th Mid-Term Business Plan Fiscal Years 2021 - 2023 (PDF)
May 20
EIZO Endorses the Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
May 13
EIZO Releases 55-Inch 4K UHD Chart Table Monitor with Multitouch Capability for Maritime Route Planning and Navigation
May 11
Consolidated Financial Highlights Fiscal Year 2020 (PDF)
May 11
EIZO Announces Mid-Term Business Plan: "Amplify Imaging Value" (PDF)
May 11
EIZO Revises Its Group Principles of Conduct
April 27
EIZO Library: The Best Way to Invest in Your Home Office
April 08
Case Study: Utsunomiya Central Clinic - A 12 Megapixel Monitor Indispensable for Multi-Modality Image Reading
April 08
Case Study: Xavier Portela - The Importance of Color Space
April 06
Case Study: Grindel Sports Center - Clear Point Victory for Carefree Recreational Fun
March 30
Case Study: Micro Nav and Royal Netherlands Air Force Rely on EIZO for ATC Training and Simulation
March 17
EIZO Expands Its Line of COTS Rugged Monitors with Three Customizable Models that Comply with MIL Standards
March 16
Case Study: Q-TEC, INC. - ColorEdge Used for Production of Hit Anime "Violet Evergarden"
March 04
EIZO Expands Its Lineup of PCAP Touch Panel Monitors with 21.5" Model for Industrial, Medical, and Public Access Environments
March 04
Case Study: Andrei Duman - Traveler, Commercial Product and Automotive Photographer
March 04
Case Study: Flying Holland - Aerial Photography with John Gundlach
February 25
Case Study: Dr. Les Walkling - Fifteen Years Creating with EIZO
February 24
EIZO Releases 3U VPX Graphics/GPGPU Card with Three Outputs and Compute Power for Rugged AI at the Edge
February 18
Case Study: Tony Hewitt - Fifteen Years of Creating with EIZO
February 09
Case Study: NEW AG Embraces Workplace Flexibility with FlexScan and USB Type-C
February 09
Case Study: Why Nippon Design Center Chooses EIZO ColorEdge
February 09
EIZO Library: Color Management for Creators - Chapter 1-4 Summary
February 09
EIZO Library: Color Management for Creators - Mobile Devices
February 03
EIZO Awarded Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Technical Award for ColorEdge Self-Calibration Monitors
February 03
Academy Sci-Tech Award - Special Website
February 03
EIZO Library: Academy Award Winning Calibration Sensor Technology - How ColorEdge Monitors Achieve Industry-Leading Precision
February 01
EIZO Releases Rugged XMC Graphics/GPGPU Card with Field Programmable Configuration of Analog and Digital Outputs
January 29
Consolidated Financial Highlights 20F Third Quarter (PDF)
January 28
Case Study: The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) Chooses EIZO for Optimal Resource Allocation
January 26
EIZO Library: Streamlining Event Response - Alert-to-Action Security Solution for Hospitals
January 21
Case Study: St. Francis Hospital - 12-Megapixel Resolution for a Stress-Free Reading Experience
January 14
Case Study: Chris Burkard - Explorer, Photographer, Creator,
January 12
EIZO Releases a 23.8-inch USB Type-C Monitor with Essential Features for the Workplace or Home Office
January 12
EIZO and Milestone Collaborate to Develop Plugin to Manage IP Decoding Solutions through XProtect VMS


December 22
EIZO to Meet Its CO2 Emissions Reduction Goal 9 Years Ahead of Schedule (PDF)
December 17
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Filmmaker and Colorist Antonio Bazalo
December 17
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Urban and Dance Photographer Little Shao
December 15
EIZO Releases Standalone 3G-SDI 1x4 Video Splitter with Built-In Signal Regeneration and MIL Standard Compliance
December 10
Important Notice: Apple M1 Chip Equipped Mac Computer and EIZO Monitor Compatibility
November 26
Case Study: ch4 studios - Connecting the Vision, the Idea, and the Art for the Best HDR Experience
November 12
EIZO Releases 3U VPX Graphics/GPGPU Card Based on NVIDIA Turing (TU104) for AI Applications in the Defense Market
November 10
EIZO Releases a New Large-Screen 4K UHD Monitor for Hybrid OR Applications
October 30
Consolidated Financial Highlights 20F First Half (PDF)
October 29
EIZO Releases Two 4K Encoding & Streaming Solutions Featuring the Industry's Highest Lossless Compression Ratio for ATC
October 20
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Fashion and Beauty Photographer Christian Ammann
October 20
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Commercial Photographer Eric Dinardi
October 20
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Conceptual Photographer Mezame
October 20
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Timelapse, FPV, and Aerial Photographer Christin Necker
October 20
Case Study: ADK Creative One - 4K HDR System Using ColorEdge
October 15
EIZO Library: Hardware vs Software Calibration - What's the Difference?
October 13
Case Study: National Gallery - Creating Precise Images of Some of the Greatest Works of Art Ever Made
October 08
EIZO ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 Wins 2020 Hollywood Professional Association Award for Engineering Excellence
October 06
Case Study: ColorDigital - Digital Transformation in the Textile and Fashion Industry
October 01
Consolidated Financial Statements 19F (PDF)
September 24
Case Study: MIKROPAKK - Molding Manufacturer Modernizes Video Surveillance with EIZO IP Decoding Monitors
September 24
Case Study: The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra - ColorEdge HDR Monitors in the Concert Halls of Prague's Rudolfinum
September 17
EIZO Announces Its First Ultrawide, Curved Monitor for Trading Room and Office Professionals
September 17
EIZO Library: Future-Proofing Recording Systems for Data Integrity in ATC
September 10
Case Study: Capturing Animals and their Owners - An Interview with Claudia Rocchini
August 28
Integrated Report 2020
August 25
Case Study: Animation and Short Film Producer Studio AKA Uses ColorEdge for Award Winning Content
August 25
EIZO DuraVision FDF2711W-IP Wins 2020 ESX Innovation Award in the Category of Video Surveillance
August 18
Case Study: Studio Loedens Uses ColorEdge PROMINENCE for Post Production in 4K HDR and Beyond
August 18
EIZO ColorEdge CS2740 4K Monitor Wins EISA Monitor of the Year 2020-2021 for Photography
August 11
Case Study: LAIKA Uses EIZO Full Color Management Solution for Peace of Mind
August 11
Case Study: Daniele Barraco - A Photographer with a Passion for People
August 04
Case Study: Inter Chalet - Reducing Shrink with a Comprehensive Security Solution
July 31
Consolidated Financial Highlights 20F First Quarter
July 28
Magnificent Landscapes and Majestic Wild Animals - EIZO Colourclass Goes to Namibia
July 28
Case Study: Hemling GmbH Chooses EIZO for Reliability
July 21
Case Study: Mehrdad Abedi - The View from Inside the Cockpit
July 21
EIZO DuraVision FDF2711W-IP Wins SIA New Product Showcase Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories Award
July 21
EIZO Joins The Open Group SOSA Consortium to Further the Development of Technology Standards for the Defense Market
July 17
Case Study: Daisy Gilardini - Capturing the Stories of the Polar Regions
July 16
EIZO Releases USB Type-C Docking Monitors with Daisy Chain Capability for Hot Desking and Remote Working
July 16
EIZO Expands Its Manufacturing Facilities for Air Traffic Control and Industrial Products to a New Site in Germany (PDF)
July 07
Case Study: Lasse Behnke - Path to Success in Microstock Photography
July 07
EIZO Releases Industry's First Rugged PCIe Graphics/GPGPU Card for Airborne/Naval ISR Applications
June 18
EIZO to Participate in Crewless Autonomous Ship Demonstration Aiming for World's First Successful Trial
June 18
Case Study: ColorEdge PROMINENCE Used for the HDR Production of Black and White Film, Maquis
June 04
Case Study: QLAB Uses ColorEdge PROMINENCE for HDR Post Production and Color Grading
June 02
EIZO Awarded EU RO MR Type Approval Certificate for Maritime Monitors by LR
May 26
Case Study: Origin Point Uses ColorEdge PROMINENCE for HDR Color Grading
May 26
EIZO Releases 6-channel XMC Graphics/GPGPU Card for Simultaneous Capture of Analog/Digital Video and Audio with Low Latency
May 19
Case Study: Landau Hospital, Germany Uses EIZO OR Documentation Solutions for Improved Workflow
May 14
Case Study: Air Traffic Management Bureau / Civil Aviation Administration of China Deploys Over 250 EIZO Monitors for ATC Operations
May 14
EIZO Library: Choosing the Ideal Monitor for Teleradiology
May 08
Consolidated Financial Highlights 19F Fiscal Year (PDF)
April 16
EIZO RadiForce RX1270 12 Megapixel Color Medical Monitor Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Breast Tomosynthesis and Mammography
April 10
EIZO Earns EPEAT Silver Certification for Reducing Environmental Impact (PDF)
April 01
Case Study: Netflix Uses ColorEdge for World's First 4K HDR Hand-Drawn Animation Project
April 01
EIZO Library: Color Management for Creators - ICC Profiles
March 19
Case Study: Bridge PostWorks - HDR Color Grading and Editing with ColorEdge
March 13
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Dave Newton
March 12
EIZO Releases 27-Inch Hardware Calibration Monitor with 4K UHD Resolution and USB Type-C Connectivity
March 06
Update Regarding Participation in World ATM Congress 2020
February 27
EIZO Releases World's First True HDR Reference Monitor with Built-In Calibration Sensor for Professional Color Grading
February 20
EIZO Releases 17-Inch Analog and Digital Input Monitor for Security & Surveillance
February 20
Video: Interview with Commercial Photographer Ali Alriffai
February 13
EIZO Releases World's First Dual 4K Lossless Encoding & Streaming Solution for Air Traffic Control
February 13
Case Study: Studio Yagüe - Retouching the Perfect Image
January 31
EIZO Joins the Responsible Business Alliance to Further Its CSR Initiatives (PDF)
January 31
Consolidated Financial Highlights 19F Third Quarter (PDF)
January 30
EIZO Releases 27-inch Frameless Monitor for Higher Productivity and Lower Impact on the Environment
January 30
Case Study: ColorEdge Relied on by Tokyo's New National Stadium Architect, Kengo Kuma and Associates
January 29
EIZO Monitors Among the First to Fulfill Updated ENERGY STAR International Environment Standard Criteria
January 21
EIZO at Arab Health 2020 in Dubai
January 16
Case Study: Studio Isar Animation Fully Relies on EIZO
January 16
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Pascal Vandecasteele
January 16
New ColorEdge Ambassador: Sanjay Jogia
January 09
EIZO Releases 27-Inch IP Decoding Monitor with 2nd Generation Decoding Platform for Security & Surveillance